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The Bright – 9000 Miles Tour

Every year in July, Berlin becomes a melting pot for fashion, skateboarding and the industry that surrounds them. In the last three years Stefan and I used this time to find inspiration and to get an idea how the industry works.
2011 was special. Early this year we contacted the founders and organizers of the Bright trade show, to see if we could somehow integrate our tent concept of “The Cave” into their show. Their reaction and support was great. With the help of O_Pur we set up three of our inflatable tents and created the “Heimplanet Oxygen Tents”, just to make sure the temperatures of up to 30°C and exhausting nights would not have to much of an effect on the visitors performance. 5 min of rest and a doses of pure oxygen can help a lot. We really want to thank everybody at the Bright, for their support and great way of organizing this show.

30 min before the end of the show Rob turned up at our tents and told us about a project he is been working on for a long time and asked if we would be willing to support them with tents for their tour. After a few explanations it was pretty obvious, we would:

9000 miles, nine cities and nine artist


9000Miles is a creative tour consisting of nine people in one bus – driving around Europe for the better part of this year’s summer. The bus is populated by three musicians, three visual artists, a cameraman, a photographer and a journalist: all of whom have little or no idea where they’re going and what they can expect to find when they get there. Any spare room is taken up by spraycans, drum machines, keyboards, paintbrushes and other tools. What we’re looking for are walls, stages, clubs, couches, bridges and most of all: kindred spirits. This project is all about crossing borders, about going somewhere you hadn’t been before and actually meeting people instead of just interfacing with the world through a social network. We are in it for the fun, not the almost political game of being an artist in the 21st century.

Participating artists:

9000MILES TRAVELLING TRAJECTORY (Dates are flexible):
BERLIN: 30/07-02/08
PRAGUE: 03-05/08
VIENNA: 06-08/08
BUDAPEST: 09-12/08
ZAGREB: 13-15/08
MILAN: 16-18/08
BARCELONA: 19-21/08
PARIS: 22-24/08


First teaser video:

We wish you a save trip and a great time traveling. Join the moment and make yourself at home, wherever you go.