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The Best Holidays Ever!

What made this trip so special is the fact that we basically did not plan anything.

There was just one hotel reservation in the Normandy, but just to have a destination to arrive at night and we would have a bed to sleep in.

That´s how we started in Hamburg –  1200 km later in my old Volvo we arrived at the Normandy in the middle of the night.

We just went with the flow, we stayed where we liked it and moved further when we needed a change.

True freedom and true luxury was the fact that we could stop anywhere and anytime since we brought everything we needed – including a tent.

We slept in very basic hotels, small pensions and camping sites, experienced a night in a beaten-up grand hotel and discovered the most amazing camp ground next to the Atlantic Ocean.

Traveling with kids is stunning, you have to improvise and come up with always new surprises if you try to tell them that your are planning to spend the next 10 hours driving…. But when you arrive in the evening and you jump into the ocean or you run down the dunes, you realize there is nothing better than that…

We know, that´s how we want to travel, to find that special freedom we just found in France.



Jan was born in 1974 in Münster, Nordrhein Westfalen.

In 1998 he moved to Hamburg for a job at Gruner und Jahr picture press, which was his first step into the world of photography.

After 8 month at Gruner und Jahr, he decided to work as a photo assistant first for a well-known car and people photographer and then for different car and landscape photographers as a freelance assistant. In 2003 he started his own business.