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Review of Cave Away 2011

Cave Away – It all started 16 weeks ago, on 10 June, when kopfbunt went to the Baltic Sea to strike THE CAVE for the first time during its trip through out Europe. Within these 16 weeks THE CAVE travelled thousands of kilometers, visited the sea, the mountains, festivals and car races. And most importantly it has been a shelter for many people, old and young, male and female.

Not everything worked out perfectly. Two factors always played an important role during Cave Away: the weather and the postman. The summer wasn’t always blessed with sun and hot temperatures but all our participants had a great story to tell. Even if they weren’t able to use the tent.

THE CAVE has been to Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, and all over Germany. Besides the three times THE CAVE couldn’t been used because of bad weather or delivery problems, everything worked out perfectly. We have some great photos, the feedback of the participants was really helpful and I think we speak for everyone involved in the project: We all had a great time and enjoyed Cave Away 2011.

After kopfbunt went to the Baltic Sea and enjoyed sundown and sunrise on the beach, THE CAVE had to prove its strengths for the first time during the Hurricane Festival. But Jan reported the tent was reliable and was able to stand up to wind, rain and festival visitors. From one extreme to the next, THE CAVE travelled to the Saarland and became part of a youth camp, organized by Theo. More than 130 kids were able to marvel at the tent, “which looked like it came from another star”.

An 1/8 mile race track, a bunch of cars, squeaking tires – and THE CAVE right in the middle of it. In the fourth week Cave Away took place in Finowfurt at Race 61. Although the weather was not the best again, Kai reported THE CAVE was a warm, dry and comfortable shelter, surrounded by thousands of horsepower.

On 8 July THE CAVE crossed the national border for the first time. Roitsch took our tent to Sweden and set it up in his new home in Lund, THE CAVE was his first piece of furniture. But he also presented the extra-ordinary tent to the Swedes on the beach. For the next step Cave Away stayed in the north and went to Rømø in Denmark with j_funk. And j_funk came up with a nice statement “THE CAVE offered me the opportunity to travel wherever I want to by knowing that I can pitch up a home at any time”.

In the 7th week Cave Away had to take its first setback. madita wasn’t able to experience the tent, she wanted to set it up at the Searock Festival but because of stormy conditions the whole festival was cancelled. The next stop was far more successul, vitruvo travelled to Texel, the Dutch island in the Northern Sea. Within dunes THE CAVE cut quite a figure and caused a stir between the ordinary tents.

From one island in the Northern Sea to the next one. UARRR and ivymaedchen spent a weekend on Sylt, the North Frisian Island. After a while UARRR got bothered that he had to explain THE CAVE to all the people who passed by. A task most of our participants had to deal with.

The next stop on the Cave Away tour was the German capital, Berlin. Paulchen set up THE CAVE in the middle of the city, within an innercity garden. He enjoyed the noises he could hear while spending the night in the metropole.
Week 11 was another setback, the parcel service was not able to deliver THE CAVE. We are sorry for Anni, that she couldn’t experience our tent. Cave Away went through a bad patch and Sebastian was also not able to use THE CAVE because of stormy conditions during the Bundesgartenschau in Koblenz.

During the first week of September Cave Away toured to the northeastern island Rügen. medialermurks set up the tent in the middle of a forest and shot some beautiful photos. Johnny Rainbow preferred it more urban and stayed in Hamburg, or to be more precisely: he stayed above Hamburg.

Because of bad timing by the parcel service, our last participant Eva wasn’t able to take THE CAVE to France. So, sayhooray had the honor to take THE CAVE on its last trip during the Cave Away tour. And what a finale, within mountains sayhooray experienced maybe the most extreme trip. Especially visually the trip to Austria was something special. The last stop showed us once more that the idea of Cave Away was successful, sayhooray had to experience a thunderstorm on 2500 meters altitude but also a beautiful second day with a campfire in a valley of the Austrian Alps. Maybe camping was invented for exactly these purposes.

When we read all the stories, take a look at all the pictures, we must say that Cave Away was a total success. Seeing you spending some amazing nights in our tent, makes us more than happy. We have to say thank you to all the participants and all the people involved in Cave Away 2011. We are already planning on something similar for next year. Maybe not exactly the same thing but something we all can enjoy like Cave Away.

Cave Away couldn’t be described better than with the words of our philosphy: Embrace the difference, join the moment and make yourself at home, wherever you go. Thank you all for being part of it!