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Back in 2018 one of our founders was on a hike in Norway, with his James Brand Chapter at his side. Somewhere along the way, his knife fell out of his pocket and was lost.
He reached out to The James Brand to get a replacement, and that started a conversation that became a collaboration, based on our shared love for innovation, design and travel.

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HEIMPLANET Calendar 2019

HEIMPLANET is a network of people who use their passion and creativity to drive change.

A decisive factor here are our Ambassadors. Their travels, pictures and experiences help us to make our vision visible.

We are therefore especially pleased that they support our initiative for 1% FOR THE PLANET.

This calendar is a…

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HPT x Talisker

We’ve teamed up with the traditional whiskey distillery Talisker from the Isle of Skye in Scotland and designed a very special offer for you.

In our HEIMPLANET Store you not only have the opportunity to taste the whiskey, but you can also get the bundle, consisting of a HPT x…

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Arctic Advent: HEIMPLANET x loyalsea

An event series about the Arctic Circle

loyalsea and HEIMPLANET have teamed up to host a large series of events about the unique Arctic Circle. Come along and experience an amazing and inspiring exhibition and many great individual events such as gallery walks, panel discussions and workshops.


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As the leading buyer’s guide for men UNCRATE is filled with the world’s best gear, apparel, and automobiles and has a special expertise, which is perfect for Special Editions. So as they came up with the idea to create a special edition of our THE CAVE, there was no way to turn this offer down.



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Never before have our lives been more fluid. Every day we wander between the worlds of TRAVEL, WORK and PLAY. We wanted bags that make these transitions effortless. That’s why we built the TRANSIT LINE – a series that combines functionality, durability and sustainability. Probably the last bags you’ll…

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Binsurfen Event

“We never wanted to be those boys who were just looking forward to the next weekend.”

With BINSURFEN as a full-time hobby, Felix, Lucas and Dan are realizing ideas and projects they were only dreaming of as children. They shot their own films, created magazines and handcrafted surfboards. Now they will…

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What's new in 2018?

Every year in spring, when the next season lies ahead of us, it feels like someone just pushes the reset button. The new products have just arrived in our warehouse and the gear is ready for new adventures.

This time is now upon us. Join us for the excitement, whereveryougo.

For 2018 we are introducing…

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Afew x Heimplanet: Year of the Orange Koi

In time for the annual collaboration in honor of the “Japantag” AFEW will kick off the „Year of the Orange Koi” 2018.

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Our first Season Opening Camp

Being the first to slide through cold and calm water in a kayak after waking up with the very first sun rays. Watching the sun shimmer through dense tree crowns and feeling its warmth on your skin. Looking upwards with your head back to watch a flock of birds while…

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Rent a Tent

Six years ago we started our Cave Away Tour to give people the chance to try out one of our tents and take it with them on their adventures. It accompanied them in family holidays, on trips in the mountains, woods or on the sea and it also was the best…

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Stay Hungry X HPT

After a spontaneous meeting with the label `Stay Hungry` from Berlin we decided to create a unique set of items in a limited edition.

The result is a shirt and a 5 panel cap which are both refined with our Cairo Camo Signature Pattern. In this collection we not only used…

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Heimplanet Motion Series X Kickstarter

Heimplanet Motion Series X Kickstarter

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Heimplanet X German Roamers

We have been working with the German Roamers for quite a while. Now that we collaborated for a special edition of our HPT COOLEVER Shirt, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce the collective to you.

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For us, it was an honor to team up with Helinox to combine their outstanding products with our signature Cairo Camo pattern.
In order to round off your camping set up we produced a limited edition of their renown Chair One and Table One in our Cairo Camo pattern.

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Since 2011 we do t-shirts, now in 2016 we finally introduce the innovation we were always looking for.  All HEIMPLANET t-shirts from now on use the COOLEVER Fabric Technology.

The technology is based on a special yarn, that is made from cotton, polyester and spandex. It comes with improved cross sections…

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Afew X Heimplanet: “Future Koi Camo” Capsule Collection

We partnered up with Afew and developed a Capsule Collection, which can be perfectly integrated to the urban lifestyle thanks to its great functionality.
The collection features our allround talent the Monolith Daypack, a t-shirt with COOLEVER technology and a 5 panel cap.
Inspired by the classical Koi Design, the dutch artist Kwills has designed an exclusive, "Future Koi Camo".

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The Old, the Young and the Sea!

From Hossegor to Ericeira: A team of cinematographers, photographers and storytellers go on a 16 week journey along the European surf coast in two old VW buses. Outcome: A documentary about surf and life in Europe.

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Red Bull Storm Chase


Heimplanet, the German start-up from Hamburg, known for The Cave tent is official partner of the Red Bull Storm Chase 2012. In collaboration with statisticians and engineers Heimplanet developed a tent that resists winds up to 180 km/h and provides enough space…

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Heimplanet Designs Own Cairo Camo Pattern

Over the last couple of years we received a lot of requests, to come up with a solution that enables you to hide out while camping in one of our tents.

That’s why we launched our Cairo Camo pattern in spring 2015. The new camouflage like pattern will be available on our complete range of tents, improving your chances of going undetected out in the wild.

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In early 2013 we sat down with a team of designers and product developers of AUDI, to talk about different concept and ideas, of how to combining the AUDI Q-Series with a unique tent concept. It was a great exchange of ideas and one of these great moments where an…

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Journeys that define Heimplanet

After finishing our first product, the inflatable tent The Cave, it was time to think about what comes next.

Time to answer a very important question: In what direction do we want Heimplanet to develop?

We are definitely not finished with this question, but there was one thing that we knew right…

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