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Arctic Advent: HEIMPLANET x loyalsea

An event series about the Arctic Circle

loyalsea and HEIMPLANET have teamed up to host a large series of events about the unique Arctic Circle. Come along and experience an amazing and inspiring exhibition and many great individual events such as gallery walks, panel discussions and workshops.

Something is different.
In Norwegian Unstad, locals are now waiting for the tide with Californian guest surfers. The Danish north, also known as “Cold Hawaii”, is no longer an insider tip among European surfers. And latest since Chris Burkhard’s movie success “Under an Arctic Sky“, Iceland is no longer just a stop-over for blue lagoons and black beaches, but on top of bucket lists of action sports enthusiasts worldwide.

Sometimes it is different.
The Arctic Circle and the people who design their lives in these places are different.
Those who have paddled in extra thick neoprene through cold waves, looking back on snow-capped mountains; who defy a daylong storm in the South Atlantic; or those who after hours of horizontal (ice) rain, find himself in infinite mountain panoramas – experiences this one special moment in which ego and everyday life succumb to a larger context.

Somehow they are different.
In northern Norway, the male Arctic surfer often turns out to be a female Arctic surfer.
On a sailing ship in the Antarctic, you meet the New York-based Canadian Apolla Echino, filming an episode of her series „A Woman’s Guide to the World“.
What drives these women into the cold? Why does the Australian fashion photographer Benjamin Hardman swap the beach paradise for the solitude of Iceland?
Why does the Norwegian film producer Hallvard Kolltveit, a former big-city kid, move into a van on the Arctic Circle?

Come to find it out at the event series “Arctic Advent” – a cooperation between the outdoor innovators of HEIMPLANET and the media collective loyalsea – which takes place from Dec 1st to Dec 16th, 2018 at the HEIMPLANET Store (Shanghaiallee 21, Hamburg GER).

Give in to the cold and experience the stories of these unique people.
Let magnificent pictures and travel films take you to the Arctic and Antarctic, get to know the special magic of the Arctic surf photography, participate in panel discussions, try out innovative tents and backpacks and enjoy one or two icy drinks with us.


Arctic Advent: Exhibition

1st-16th Dec 2018 | Mo-Sa 11am-6pm
Discover impressive series of photographs from Norway and Iceland with graphic landscapes by the exceptional talent Benjamin Hardman,
in-water surf photography by the Norwegian newcomer Hallvard Kolltveit
and project photography around Nordic surfgirlgangs by Daniel Espírito Santo and André Josselin for loyalsea.

Arctic Advent: Vernissage

2nd Dec 2018 | 4-10pm | Drinks | Beats | People
Celebrate with us the opening night of our ARCTIC ADVENT event series!
The crews of HEIMPLANET and loyalsea welcome you for laid-back beats and arctic long drinks.

Arctic January 1 + Ætt: Movie x Talk

6th Dec 2018 | 6-11pm | Guest: Hallvard Kolltveit (NO) | film producer and surf photographer
On the 6th of December, the Norwegian surf photographer and filmmaker Hallvard Kolltveit will be our guest and presents his short film “Arctic January”. 
In this clip, he shows not only the usual professional surfers in crystal clear waves in front of snow-capped mountains but also gives insights into the real life on the Lofoten. Right from his recent Icelandic shoot, Hallvard will bring footage and insights to his latest project “Arctic January II”. The film is dedicated to the Nordic surf scene targeting a real and differentiated representation of the Scandinavian surf tribes.

Arctic Photography: Workshop

8th Dec 2018 | 10am-1pm | Hallvard Kolltveit (NO) | film producer and surf photographer
For cinnamon buns and coffee, Hallvard Kolltveit talks about in-water photography in the Arctic, discusses project planning for cold film projects and photo shoots and explains tips, tricks and technical details for experts. You are in a small group, limited to a maximum of 10 people. Hallvard will bring his gear, sample images and recent footage from Iceland and of course he always has his calm and friendly nature with him. The workshop will be in English. Norwegian breakfast included.
Tickets are available here!

Artcic Art: GalleryWalk

9th Dec 2018 | 6-11pm | Guest: Benjamin Hardman (AUS | IS) | photographer
Benjamin Hardman, an Australian photographer based in Iceland, gives an insight into his astonishing pictorial world, in which he artistically depicts the Nordic flora and fauna.

Arctic Activism: Panel Discussion | Surfteaser | Kurzfilm

13th Dec 2018 | 6-11pm | Guest: Apolla Echino (CAN) – Film Producer,  Katharina Kiéck (DE) – Founder Loyalsea Medienproduktion, Jolanta Babouidis (DE) – Country Director Twitter Deutschland, Nils Knoop (DE) – Digital Champion Ben & Jerry’s
If you agree that a line-up doesn’t always have to be male-dominated and that more female action protagonists should take place then this event is the right one for you. Because during this evening Apolla Echino shows an episode of her “A Woman’s Guide to the World” and Katharina Kiéck the first teaser of the loyalsea project “Lofoten 2 Lagos – girlsurfgangs along the European West Coast”. Afterwards both discuss with Jolanta and Nils.