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Then there was a lot of motion in the ocean

Pulk is a German word and translates to a gathering or a crowd of people. Pulk is the united power of individuals we met along our way during the last two years. We channeled the love into 224 pages that feel more like an encyclopedia than an independent magazine. A 12000km trip over two months around the Baltic sea forms the heart of the first issue and is framed by smaller stories. The purpose of each aspect of the magazine is that we celebrate the stories that are left in the shadows of the tales. People who rarely get into the spotlight but share the same passion and shine brightly without publicity. People who really do it for the love. Just as we do.

The main common sense apart of individuality is the sea. Which is also what brought us to Heimplanet. The first contact we had was because we needed support for our cold water surf movie Headache. They believed in us from the very first moment and for us it was love at first sight. Ever since, we have been taking their products around the globe. We strongly believe in their willpower as this is also what drives us and what we need the most when battling the harsh and cold conditions up north.