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Journeys that define Heimplanet

After finishing our first product, the inflatable tent The Cave, it was time to think about what comes next.

Time to answer a very important question: In what direction do we want Heimplanet to develop?

We are definitely not finished with this question, but there was one thing that we knew right away: We don´t want to be just a tent company.

Heimplanet should be a brand that inspires and that enables people to travel the way we see it – the Heimplanet way.

Traveling keeps you feeling alive. All your senses are alert and you are always expecting something new to happen. You constantly adjust to new situations, new people, new cultures, and new environments. There is less to rely on and more to discover. If you open up to the experience, you will learn not just about new things, but also about yourself. – Embrace the difference, join the moment and make yourself at home, wherever you go.

We believe this does not just apply to long trips, expeditions or special holidays. It´s something you can try to accomplish every day.

We teamed up with Moritz Grebe, a young product designer, who became part of our family and still is. Together we started to analyze what are the essentials that we need while traveling. We created long lists for different types of travels, trips and journeys, just to come to a very basic and profound insight:

Whatever you want to bring, whatever you need, one thing is for sure, you will have to have a “container” to get it somewhere.

Therefore luggage builds one of the fundaments on which every travel is built on.  – No luggage, no travel.

Still focused on the different scenarios and their requirements it was obvious to us that one piece of luggage would never be enough.

So we asked ourselves: how do we choose luggage in general?

We believe this is answered by three main questions which influence each other.

1.   PURPOSE: What kind of trip are we going to do? What purpose are we choosing the luggage for? How are we going to travel?

2. TYPE: How do we need to carry our luggage? What type of carry-system do we prefer for this luggage?

3. VOLUME: How many days will our trip last? What and how much do we have to bring? What is the volume that we need?

A lot of questions which we answer every time we grab any kind of bag: a backpack, a messenger, a suitcase or even just our purse.

More and more designs nowadays are trying to give an answer to these questions in a very precise and sharp way. The results are very specialized bags that serve one very specific purpose. Our approach was aiming for something else.

We did not want to answer most of the questions before creating our bags. We wanted our designs to be flexible enough, so that you could use them even if the answers change during travels or in your daily life. We expect our luggage to be prepared for that. We want companions that follow us – wherever we go, whatever we do.

So instead of focusing on certain purposes or types, we tried to identify the essential volumes that apply to our different scenarios.

That´s when our concept started to take form, focusing on a luggage series which consists of essential volumes that are highly flexible. By combining these volumes you would be able to create the perfect setup for almost every kind of scenario.

While playing around with different combination of sizes, volumes and scenarios, we came to the conclusion: our perfect setup would be a system of 3+1 bags.

In this setup we would have three basic bag types for our travels and one resulting bag design that emerges out of the cut surfaces of these three bags under consideration of the before mentioned three main questions of purpose, type & volume.

That´s when we started to transform our thoughts into first sketches.

The results led us to a design that combines basic shapes with high functionality to achieve a great flexibility. We figured just very simple shapes would allow us to use the bags in multiple ways.

When these designs came into shape the name for our bag series became very obvious to us: we called it the Monolith Series.

In the next step we wanted to transform this flexibility into customization and make sure you can adjust each bag to your specific needs. Therefore we added our Volume + system to the Monolith bag series. It consists of different pouches which can be easily attached through the M.O.L.L.E. system. Instead of creating our own attachment method we decided to use this open and proven all-purpose system. It also allows you to attach bigger items to the bags by using attachment straps.

The DAYPACK can be used as backpack or as a messenger bag. It comes with two backpack shoulder straps which can be stowed away behind the back cushion and an additional single strap to wear it as a messenger bag across the shoulder.

Two stowable belts with titanium G-hooks allow you to fasten extra stuff outside the DAYPACK on the front panel (Front Carry-System).

The front panel of the DAYPACK can be opened completely for easy loading. An additional zipper on the side of the DAYPACK offers quick access to the main compartment. Through this opening you can also access the integrated laptop sleeve.

The VOLUME+ M.O.L.L.E. System offers various options to customize your DAYPACK with additional pouches and attach extra stuff.

The RUCKSACK is very flexible in size and can be used in a wide variety of ways. Your Rucksack can be a fully equipped trekking backpack or a sleek midsized pack.
The hip belt cushion is detachable and the hip belt itself can be stowed behind the back cushion. An aluminum frame makes the RUCKSACK ready for heavy loads. But if you only use your RUCKSACK on a daily basis you can remove the frame.

Two belts with titanium G-hooks allow you to fasten extra stuff on the front panel (Front Carry System). Compression straps on each side help to compress your RUCKSACK to the required size. All belts can be stowed away when not in use ensuring a puristic and clean look.
The RUCKSACK has a large opening at the top for easy loading and a zipper at the bottom compartment. An additional large zipper on the right side of the RUCKSACK offers quick access to the main compartment. The integrated laptop sleeve can be accessed from the top and the side.

The VOLUME+ M.O.L.L.E. System offers various options to customize your RUCKSACK with additional pouches and attach extra stuff.

The DUFFLE BAG is designed to carry large volumes. For longer distances by foot you can take the shoulder straps out of the side pocket and carry the DUFFLE BAG like a backpack or just with a single strap over your shoulder.

The Large D-shaped opening of the DUFFLE BAG enables an easy loading of the main compartment.

The two Velcro belts on the bottom allow you to attach bulky goods or any kind of board to take your DUFFLE BAG for a walk.

The VOLUME+ M.O.L.L.E. System offers various options to customize your DUFFLE BAG with additional pouches and attach extra stuff.

The WEEKENDER has the maximum size for carry-on luggage you are allowed to take on a plane and can be used as a backpack or as a messenger bag. It comes with two backpack shoulder straps which can be stowed away behind the back cushion and an additional single strap to wear it as a messenger bag across the shoulder.

The two Velcro belts (Velcro Carry-System) on the bottom of the bag allow you to attach bulky goods like a skateboard.

The WEEKENDER comes with an additional stuff sack for shoes or dirty laundry.

The front panel of the WEEKENDER is equipped with the VOLUME+ M.O.L.L.E. System to customize your WEEKENDER with additional pouches and attach extra stuff.

To ensure a long lasting and satisfying experience with your next best friend we decided to use just extra durable materials. A very special feature is added by our custom-made titanium G-hooks. They ensure that handling your bag becomes a very clean experience.

Titanium is up to 3 times stronger than steel and even lighter. Therefore our Titanium G-hooks are the perfect extension to the system and the base for the modularity of the system.

1680D Ballistic Nylon PU Backing
840D Ballistic Nylon PU Backing
100% PVC free
M.O.L.L.E. System
Custom Titanium G-Hooks
YKK Zipper
Duraflex plastic parts

The MONOLITH Series is a luggage system specialized for the requirements of the modern explorer. In combination with the detachable pouches the MONOLITH Series covers all relevant kinds of travels and also faces the everyday requirements.

The Series provides the functionality of outdoor equipment and adds modularity by its VOLUME+ M.O.L.L.E. System.

The minimalistic design generates archetypes that focus on the essential volumes. They allow the most generous field of usage. Adding detachable pouches of your choice enables the customization you need.