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Heimplanet Motion Series X Kickstarter




When we started thinking of making the MOTION Series backpacks a Kickstarter project, we were equally excited and anxious.

But that’s the whole point though, isn’t it? Kickstarter, a lot like HEIMPLANET is about exiting your comfort zone and confidently facing the unknown. This aspect is part of our DNA and will always be one of the main factors to drive us to passionately approach everything we do.
Be it a t-shirt or a complex inflatable tent construction.

Over the course of the last two months the positive reactions we received from customers who share our excitement for the MOTION Series, as well as from media that tested the backpacks, amazed us.





– During 30 days we reached a total funding sum of € 105.406

– Which is equivalent to 527% in regards to our goal

799 backers from 10 different countries support our project

– In total, 1197 packs of the MOTION Series were pre-ordered


Production is up and running and the first delivery is already on its way to our warehouses. Very soon the first backpacks will be send out to our backers and soon after that be available in retail stores as well as our HPT online shop.

Kickstarter has only been the Kickoff – the story of the MOTION Series just started and will be online soon!