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Heimplanet Designs Own Cairo Camo Pattern

Over the last couple of years we received a lot of requests, to come up with a solution that enables you to hide out while camping in one of our tents.

That’s why we launched our Cairo Camo pattern in spring 2015. The new camouflage like pattern will be available on our complete range of tents, improving your chances of going undetected out in the wild.

The unique design is inspired by traditional Arabian patterns.

Its geometry and special combination of colors creates a unique three-dimensional effect that enables Cairo Camo to completely blend in with its surroundings.

HEIMPLANET Cairo Camo offers the ability to avoid observation or detection. It matches the color and texture of the surroundings and breaks up the visual outline of the object itself.

To celebrate the launch of our Cairo Camo pattern, we teamed up with Polychromlab from Tirol to create our first printed hybrid jacket. This jacket was available in a limited edition and is not available anymore.

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