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We are the sum of the people that surrounds us

This is our list of incredible individuals

#hptMagazine    |    Photo: @credits

Franz Xaver Aicher

Travelling has always played a very important role in my life.

Sebastian Doerk

My bucket list is growing everytime I visit Instagram, I’ve got way to many crazy friends who spend their life hovering around the globe.

Roman Königshofer

Traveling teaches me a lot and is extremely eye opening. It shows me that the people think differently all over the globe but at the same time we all have the same desires and want to live together in peace.

Johannes Höhn

Traveling is life. It means a lot, because it is the part of the year when I truly do what I love.

Hallvard Kolltveit

The act of stepping outside your doorstep. I’ve had some of my finest travelling experiences close to home, so to me it’s all about just getting out there.

Felix Gänsicke

I get a lot of inspiration by nature. Textures and details I discover along the way in or outside of water really draw my attention.

David Herzig

Traveling is the only thing that makes you richer!

Christian McLeod

There is nothing that has not inspired me or influenced my work and myself as a person.

Chris McClean

Traveling is a transitional process you learn to enjoy, ultimately helping you connect with people and places.

Philipp Mitterlehner

I enjoy packing my photo gear and plan the whole trip with spots I would love to see.

Kasper Høglund

Getting to places which don’t need to be remote and epic and spend the night there.

Max Münch

Spread your wings and escape from common patterns, off to new horizons to refresh your mind and to seek the adventure.