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The Chapter HPT X JAMES Back in 2018 one of our founders was on a hike in Norway, with his James Brand Chapter at his side. Somewhere along the way, his knife fell out of his pocket. This started a collab.

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Heimplanet x Uncrate


As you know we love all black versions, that’s why we teamed up with our friends from UNCRATE to create a special HEIMPLANET x UNCRATE: Limited All Black Edition.

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Stay Hungry

Stay Hungry X HPT

In time for the annual collaboration in honor of the “Japantag” AFEW will kick off the „Year of the Orange Koi” 2018. This year AFEW and we have a reunion.

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Heimplanet X German Roamers

Wir haben – natürlich – über Instagram zusammengefunden. Alles hat damit angefangen, dass ich mit Hannes Becker auf einem Tagestrip in der Eifel unterwegs gewesen bin. Wir haben uns über die anderen deutschen Outdoor-Fotografen auf Instagram ausgetauscht und so kam die Grundidee ins Rollen.   Wer gehört alles dazu?  

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Helinox is one of the world’s leader in the development and production of high quality outdoor equipment. Especially the Chair One is one of the best, if not the best camping chair out there. Using their exclusive TH72M aluminum alloy DAC is able to produce extremely lightweight gear with excellent

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In early 2013 we sat down with a team of designers and product developers of AUDI, to talk about different concept and ideas, of how to combining the AUDI Q-Series with a unique tent concept.

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