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Death isthe reminding wake of cold. Ice and bitter ocean grinding andflowing.


Death isthe reminding wake of cold. Ice and bitter ocean grinding and flowing. Many associated darkness with morbid thoughts and depressing lives. The harsh rain and terrain display a sort of despairing drama. Wool socks, torrential downpour jackets, lined pants and sheepskinhats soften the blows but this country’s nature is violent. Historys violent, only what we strive for is less so. Forgotten and to alesser extent forgiven.

Blackmagnetic sand grips my clothing, abrasing my face, tearing my hopeand excitement. The island’s sharp wind serrates my eyelids, burning with every blink, concealing its beauty. Beauty so ferociousand raw, desirable by the old and the young. Backdrops that dropjaws, and leave people mute. A surrounding that silences souls andserenades with sweet songs from Scandinavian goddesses.

The visuals are mind-blowing, inspiring and death-defying. Jagged cliffs, ancient glaciers and sub-zero salt water all colliding together. Blues, white, black, and graphite. The only grey comes fromthe storms that thrash this jurassic wonderland. Spirits rise andfall alongside the tides and the moon in the everlasting darkness.

Shadow cast over the craters and snow capped mountains. Feather foot steps in the fine sand and are blown untraceable. Eyes struggleto adjust to a glow. Emerald streaks amongst 300 billion lights.Slowly swaying and soothing the mind into an irrepressible excitement. Hearts increase and only the present matters. Desperationis retracted and pleasure is furled. Things will change but memories will remain.

From the people to the landscape, infinite enlightenment surrounds this other worldly place. As much as this island tries to deter and demote its beauty, the obvious becomes too apparent and strengthens your ability to negate alldeterrents. Such warmth can be found in this land. You will see, you will remember.

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