Besides their great stability, geodesic domes offer a very efficient structure due to their excellent material-to-volume ratio.


Besides their great stability, geodesic domes offer a very efficient structure due to their excellent material-to-volume ratio. In geodesic tents three struts cross several times. This divides the outer tent area into smaller sections, thus achieving increased inherent and wind stability. The geodesic is therefore the first choice for very strong winds that frequently change direction. Snow loads are also no problem for most Geodesics. Especially in bad weather areas this tent form has proven itself. Geodesics require only a few or even no pegs in calm conditions. An important aspect, if one finds predominantly hard soils like e.g. in the mountains.

We translated this principle into our “Inflatable Diamond Grid” – IDG and our inflatable tents. The inflatable geodesic structure is built out of modular double-layer airbeams. This ensures an outstanding stability and guarantees the easy setup of our tents – so you can get the maximum out of your trip.


Patented Multi Chamber Safety System

Our patented Multi Chamber Safety System enables you to inflate the entire air frame (IDG) in one single step. Once inflated, the air frame can be divided into separate chambers, which ensures sufficient emergency stability in the event that a part becomes damaged, because all the other airbeams will remain stable. It is also possible to localise the defective part very easily to repair or replace it.

Double Layer Construction

The airbeams are built with a resistant double-layer construction: an extra airtight TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) bladder keeps the air inside for an extended time and the outer jacket provides support and durability. The outer jacket is made of a high-tenacity polyester fabric, which ensures extra stability and durability.

2-in-1 Valves for Fast Inflation and Deflation

Each chamber of the IDG features at least one 2-in-1 valve, each with two closures: a check valve for easy inflation of the air frame and a large opening for letting the air out easily. So putting up the tent and taking it down can be done fast and efficiently.



Inflating our tents works intuitively and follows a simple principle: Unroll, inflate – done! The special: inflatable frame, inner and outer tent work as a unit and do not have to be assembled. Here’s how it works: unroll the tent, close all valves, take one of the valves (whichever one) and pump it up with one of the Heimplanet pumps or with any standard pump. Welcome home!


Taking down the tent – just like pitching it – works very quickly and easily. Simply release all valve openings and most of the air will flow out on it’s own. Push out the little rest, roll it up, pack it and head to the next place!

Easy Repair

All parts of the Inflatable Diamond Grid – IDG can be easily repaired or replaced. Even with the most resistant materials damage cannot be ruled out entirely. Each of the airbeams features a casing and an inner bladder – very much like bicycle tires do. The inner bladder can be easily patched or replaced. Should the casing ever become damaged, it too can be replaced.


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