The MONOLITH Series is a luggage system specialised for the requirements of the modern explorer.


David Herzig


The MONOLITH Series is a luggage system specialised for the requirements of the modern explorer. It covers all relevant kinds of travelling and also faces everyday requirements.

The Series provides the functionality of outdoor equipment and adds modularity by its VOLUME+ M.O.L.L.E. System.

Its minimalistic design generates archetypes, which focus on the essential volumes. They allow the most generous field of usage. Adding detachable pouches of your choice enables the customisation you need. WHAT YOU NEED, WHEREVER YOU GO!


To ensure a long-lasting relationship with your new companion, we used extra durable materials.

Materials used:

840 D Ballistic Nylon, PU coated

840 D Ballistic Nylon, TPU laminated (used for the DUFFLE BAG only)

1680 D Ballistic Nylon, PU coated

Custom G-hooks

YKK Zippers

UTX Durafelx Hardware

100% PVC free

840 D and 1680 D

The term “Ballistic Nylon” describes the way the nylon yarn is made into fabric. The fabrics we are using is either made of 840 denier nylon yarn or made of 1680 denier nylon yarn. Denier defines the weight of a single filament in grams with a length of 9000m. The higher the number the heavier and thicker is the yarn. The Ballistic Nylon is a tear-resistant and durable fabric with a relatively light weight.

Custom G-Hooks

One of the extraordinary features are the customised G-hooks we designed ourselves. These hooks are the best choice for a series of bags that fit any type of trip.


The M.O.L.L.E.* System is a reliable way to customize your gear. You are free to use any compatible accessory you can find but the pouches from the VOLUME+ Series are made to work perfect with the bags from the MONOLITH Series.

*Modular Lightweight Load-Carying Equipment


The VOLUME+ series by HEIMPLANET consists of four differently-sized pouches which can be attached to the MOLLE system and work perfectly with the MONOLITH bags.

Whether you want a different look for your bag or just need more volume, the VOLUME+ series is a perfect solution.

And, because they are easily attached and detached, you can use a pouch on your WEEKENDER one day and on your DAYPACK the next.

Discover our MONOLITH Bags!


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Monolith Rucksack 45+L, schwarz


Monolith Rucksack 45+L, pine green


Monolith Duffle Bag 80L, black


Monolith Daypack 22L, clay