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Being away from home, traveling around the globe


Markus Rempe

To me there are two different types of being away from home, traveling around the globe. First ones are job or project related journeys like my three week trip to Mauritius in March this year. We headed there for a swimsuit shooting and did not leave the hotel resort once. That is because we just didn’t have the time to explore the small island in the Indian Ocean – this tiny piece of water surrounded land with its marvelous landscapes, coasts and small towns.

Port Louis is said to be a gorgeouscity, but we did not see anything of it but its airport. No doubt, journeys like these are pretty nice to experience; it is great to get paid for being around in places others are dreaming of. Plus: I feel privileged to be offered those possibilities.

However, they can’t give me the satisfaction of genuine traveling: the moment you start thinking about a specific place, planning the trip, packing up the car or just stuffing as much as you can into your backpack and then starting the journey until you finally arrive.

The chance to be free and spontaneous in my decisions is what I love most about traveling, the lack of stress, no appointments, just me and my friends, a new place to discover. It is not just about being away from home, being away from duties, it is something beyond, something deeper. I figure the real benefit of traveling is that while you travel you move on – not just in a geographical way but also in the sense of building your personality, discovering what life is all about. Every mile I cover, every city, every campsite I visit, every photo I take does something with me.

Today, I’m convinced this wouldn’tbe the case if I went from one cozy hotel to another. If you really want the adventure, the entire, genuine feeling of traveling, you need to stay in between. I love to just jump into the car, stop at any place I want, pop up my tent, take out the camera and inhale that very moment at that very place. That’s what it’s all about and to be able to head on when and wherever I want.

In case you still have no clue what the fuzz is all about, let me give you an example. Last year I had to find a project for my bachelor thesis. So I went to the internet and came across something both special and weird. In the Spanish desert there is a western village, a former set for movies like „The Good, the Bad and the Ugly“, „Once upon a Time in the West“ or „Lawrence of Arabia“. This town is a conglomeration of washed-upactors, left-overs from movie sets and in general a reminder of caducity. But nevertheless a very interesting photo spot. So, I rented a car, drove 1500 miles right into the Spanish desert, spent there 3 weeks of sleeping in the car or in my tent, hiking around in the middle of nowhere, talking to people from all over the world. Then I went back – with photos on my hard drive – sufficient fora book, exhibitions and great stories.

Now, you see, that’s traveling to me.


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