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The word travel can often be perceived as meaning long periods away from home


Karl Mackie

The word travel can often be perceived as meaning long periods away from home, but I think travel is instilled in our bones from a very young age and that we quickly establish what we are and what we want to do. I remember as a child, the adventures of camping in North Wales on the little farms with no hot water and then our last family holiday in Bulgaria, before it became the mainstream animal it is today. Both were a step into the unknown, a walk on the outside of your comfort zone and an inquisitive bug that refused to lie dormant.

Being a surfer affords you that special nod, the one that takes you places many people would never see, we seek out far away waves, often risking all kinds of wrong doings to get to paradise, it’s just what we do, it’s the way we live, however recently my wife opened my eyes to new adventures, overcrowded and overpopulated communities in Asia, the poverty in Cambodia of which I don’t think I will ever stop studying and a very astute awareness of what else is around us if we don’t take our surfboards.

I travelled alone last year for work, to Australia and Barcelona, two very different places but the stoke was there from the minute flights were booked, there’s something very defining about travelling alone and the older you get the rarer it can be, but one seemingly slips back into a youthful soul, wide eyed and ready for the adventures. I generally meet a lot of like minded people, also travelling alone and share stories for hours, often in the strangest of places and circumstances.

Last year I was shooting for Noosa Longboards in Australia, from the UK I had arranged to meet a guy called Mike Jahn (The Byron Bay Festival director) in Byron Bay, so I made my way up there and stayed at his home with his lovely family, we ate wonderful food and talked for hours, before surfing the next day. The interesting thing is, we had never met previously and the Jahn family will always be my good friends now. This is what travel means to me, It broadens your mind and wakens your inner being allowing you to meet and make new friends from far reaching places, but most of all it shows us how lucky we are to be on this planet of ours.

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