HEIMPLANET Roadtrip – The Preparation

To every trip belongs a good preparation


To every trip belongs a good preparation, especially if a road trip is planned - what do you take with you, what stays at home & what do you really need on the road? For our road trip we chose a motorcycle as a vehicle - more info will follow soon in one of the upcoming posts - so much we already can reveal, it will definitely be exciting!

In the first step we take care of the equipment: besides our products like the Fistral tent, the Dawn Tarp M, the Motion Ellipse backpack, the Simple Pouch & a MIZU water bottle we have chosen a lot of products from our HPTSelected category like the G400 sleeping bag from Patizon, a sleeping pad from Thermarest, a SOTO stove, an AeroPress and many more - you can find all products >here< or at the end of the post. But we don't want to keep you in suspense and wish you a lot of fun with the first video!

To a good preparation belongs of course also a route planning - we have planned the route with here you can follow us live - on each station we try to collect of course as many impressions as possible and share them there with you!

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AeroPress Go Coffee Maker


Patizon G400 - Yellow/Silver

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SOTO Field Hopper


SOTO StormBreaker