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Crooked Motorcycles

It's time to reveal the secret: as we already announced in the first post (HEIMPLANET Roadtrip - The Preparation) about our roadtrip, we are on the road with motorcycles. These are of course not ordinary motorcycles - we have teamed up with the guys from Crooked Motorcycles and rebuilt two Suzuki DR650 for a special reason: this year we celebrate 10 years anniversary. Here they are ...

As you can see the whole bodywork is new & handcrafted by Crooked Motorcycles with 2mm aluminum - from the tank to the hand guards, side covers and the mini fairing - with these changes we keep the weight low. The electrics channeled through a Motogadget mo.unit Blue box, which controls a Gazzini LED Headlight and auxiliary Baja Designs SP2 LED lights. The compact blinkers are HeinzBikes up front, Motogadget out back. Also the engines on both bikes have been refreshed and serviced with new bearings. Leo Vince slip-on mufflers shave off almost 2.5 kg in weight on each bike, as well as freeing up the breathing a little. The plush seats are new & big enough for two and upholstered in a mix of Alcantara and leather. The rear frame is mostly stock but tweaked at the end to accommodate luggage racks and removable side racks.

The two racks on the side have been made especially for these bikes to fit with our custom bags - more content about the production of the bags will follow soon in another post - each bag have the capacity of 30L to stow all the important things for the roadtrip. Next to the custom racks there is also the possibilty to add a one gallon water container.

Crooked have even fabricated a surf rack that can be bolted also on the DRs. Personalization at its best! For the color selection, we focused on the colors of the upcoming Heimplanet products. Also the coordinates of HEIMPLANET and Crooked Motorcycles were placed on the sides of the tanks.

“We got along very well because we share common passions—adventure and surfing. The first plan was for two NX650s, but we switched to the underrated DR650—which has not been customized often. It’s a very good base for adventures and long journeys” says Dominikus of Crooked Motorcycles.

We are currently on our way to Portugal with our customized DR650s - a total distance of 11,000km incl. the way back to Hamburg. By the way, we mastered the first ride incl. overnight stay together with the guys from Crooked - so we could learn a little more about the motorcycles and still adjust little things.

If you want to see more about the roadtrip, make sure to check out our Instagram.

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