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Fully functional with good look & feel - perfect for travel and every day



Functional shirts are great for sports. Regular shirts are great for your everyday life. But the HEIMPLANET COOLEVER Shirts combine the best of both. Thanks to the unique COOLEVER technology, moisture is immediately absorbed by the material, transported away from the body and thus provides a pleasant feeling on the skin. Even after a proper hike to the next summit or a strenuous run or workout, your T-shirt won’t feel wet and cold – even if you have sweated a lot.

Main Features:

- mix of cotton, polyester and spandex

- very pleasant handfeel & high wearing comfort

- fast drying protects your body from overheating or cooling down

- easy care: dries faster and visibly less wrinkles than conventional T-shirts

When travelling, you can wash your T-shirt quickly and easily and it will be dry and ready for use again in no time. Due to the spandex the fabric has a super dimension stability and stays in shape for a long time – even after frequent wearing and washing.

This makes your shirt also very durable and sustainable.


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COOLEVER Overdye, teal


COOLEVER Reflective Logo Ball, heather melange


COOLEVER Basic, dark grey


COOLEVER GO OUT 21, dark grey