HEIMPLANET is inspired by the excitement of traveling



... and where we come from!

HEIMPLANET is inspired by the excitement of traveling:

Traveling keeps you feeling alive. All your senses are alert and you are always expecting something new to happen. You constantly adjust to new situations, new people, new cultures, and new environments. There is less to rely on and more to discover. If you open up to the experience, you will learn not just about new things, but also about yourself.

The journey of HEIMPLANET began in 2003 with the idea for a new tent concept that occurred during a surf trip along the Portuguese cost line. We traveled along the coast and therefore had to set up our tent several times. One day we arrived quite late and it was getting dark and it started to rain while we were trying to pitch our tent. That was when we started talking about the idea to improve a tent. At that time it was just fun talking about a tent from the future. In 2011 the first inflatable tent THE CAVE was launched.


Since then, HEIMPLANET has presented an entire range of products, all created to serve a particular purpose. We combine the best technical features available with a clean and simple designs. The results are extremely versatile products that fit for every trip and everyday, wherever you go.


There is a special word that exists just in German: Heimat. [ˈhaimaːt]

It describes the place you feel at home, the place where you belong, the place you are dedicated to, the place that makes you feel like its all going to be all right somehow, no matter what. We liked the idea of taking that feeling with us while traveling our planet.

OUR MISSION going forward

The reason why we exist is straightforward: we chose to bring HEIMPLANET to life simply because we see room for improvement. We realized our expertise can be used to find better fabrics, fairer working conditions, higher skilled manufacturers, cleaner production paths, and more thought-out designs. They say quality is the fulfillment of expectations. Why just fulfill when you can exceed? We keep going until there is nothing left to improve. Is this an unrealistic goal? Probably. Does every great ambition start with a good portion of naivety? Most definitely! What’s the point of being a modern outdoor brand if you don’t take risks? In fact, we don’t care much about realistic, we care about what drives us forward.

– Erase the room for improvement

Exploring the world and seeking new perspectives makes you understand that, although we are individuals, our world functions as one unit, one living, breathing organism. And that’s how we should stand together as people – united. We all depend on each other. Making it so much more important to treat one another and our planet with respect, tolerance and empathy. By the way we create our gear we transfer this attitude to our everyday lives. We are all in this together. All we get to define throughout this journey is which paths we follow, what we take with us, and who we can touch along the way. Together, we define the meaning of “modern outdoor.”

– Take a stand


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The Cave, Cairo Camo


Mavericks, white


Dawn Tarp, grey


Backdoor (Classic)