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Load seven surfboards on an old Toyota Landcruiser and cruise around Ireland for a couple of weeks to find surf.


Dan Petermann

Load seven surfboards on an old Toyota Landcruiser and cruise around Ireland for a couple of weeks to find surf. This sounds like a pleasant trip! Although late October and November might not have been the best choice concerning the weather, it was for sure our best call regarding our chances to get a decent swell and more constant surfing conditions.

And so we embarked on our journey to the land of steep cliffs speckled with sheep, rugged coastlines and endless waves. We gathered a remarkable group of individuals to enrich our experience. On our way we picked up Julian and later met Jonas and Finn at the ferry in France. Jonas, who wasn’t a novice to the Emerald Isle came prepared. About a dozen boards on his old Mercedes split between him and Finn, set the tone for our endeavor. And the forecasts weren’t bad either and fueled our hopes to find some proper waves.

After we arrived at Rosslare we crawled up to coast bit by bit. Due to onshore winds and rain on the first days of our trip, we saw our best chances to get to the West surf there. As we got to the first spots previously visited by Jonas the waves weren’t as big as expected by the forecast, but picked up noticeably within the first session. We had high hopes for the next days but the expected swell should have been much longer in coming. So we spend the next days with seemingly endless spot-checks and hours on narrow Irish country roads, slowly but steady heading further up the coast to find more exposed reefs.

After a few days on the road there finally was a change in the air and as we set our camp one night near some ideally exposed rocky reefs we had our first glimpse at what Ireland had to offer in surfing terms. The waves were still small but perfectly shaped and so Jules and Felix had a little surfing session in the last hours of the day. By nightfall, we were sitting around the bonfire, while the sound of breaking waves in the background made us feel optimistic about what was to come. That night, accelerated by the thought of pumping waves we snuggled into our sleeping bags.

The next morning we got up before sunrise and the whole landscape soon was soaked in a warm orange glow, while waves were pealing nicely along the edges of the reef. It was hard to guess how big they were, but for sure they were bigger than the night before. And so after a quick breakfast, we got into our wetsuits and one by one paddled out to the peak. This was what we came for: big and playful waves.

The following days we extraordinary and so we ventured along the coast exploring the endless potential of Ireland vast diversity of surf spots. Seemingly behind every bend of the coast, there was a different surprise for us. Be it in the form of a beautiful wave, gnarly slabs or just the sight jagged rocky coastline and the magnificent views of hinterland with its harsh mountainous landscapes that asked to be explored.


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