Partnered up with Afew



We partnered up with Afew and developed a Capsule Collection, which can be perfectly integrated to the urban lifestyle thanks to its great functionality. The collection features our allround talent the Monolith Daypack, a t-shirt with COOLEVER technology and a 5 panel cap.

Inspired by the classical Koi Design, the dutch artist Kwills has designed an exclusive, “Future Koi Camo”. You can find the “Future Koi Camo” in the lining of the Monolith Daypack and the cap, plus it is printed on the frontside of the shirt. The whole collection is made of high quality materials such as suede, nylon and combed cotton. The Release will be on May 21th at 10.30 a.m. instore.

For the Monolith Daypack we used a combination of ballistic nylon and suede. The pack can be worn as a backpack or as a messeger bag and has a volume of 22l. The 2 adjustable shoulderstraps plus the extra strap makes it super easy to convert the backpack to a messenger bag.

Thanks to the G-hooks, you can easily take off the shoulderstraps and store them inside the pack. A zipper on the right side offers a quick access to the inside and to the laptop compartment. Thanks to the main zipper you can open the whole frontside of the bag. We chose a discreet co-branding that you can find on the shoulderstraps as well as on the front.

The collection will be completed through a 5 panel cap and a highquality and functional t-shirt with COOLEVER technology. The cap comes with a combination of three different colorful suedes and also features a minimalistic branding.

Quality comes first, so thanks to the COOLEVER Technology the Shirt is highly functional but doesn’t feel or look like a functional shirt. This unique fiber is made of polyester, cotton and spandex. Of course, the “Future Koi Camo” and the “Heimplanet” & “Afew” logos are integrated into the Design.

Important Information: Release Date: May 21th 2016, 10.30 a.m. Party Event: May 21th 2016, 18.00 p.m. Where: Afew Store – Oststr. 26 – 40211 Düsseldorf – Germany Limited Edition will be first available Instore, after that you will get the items online as well.


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