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It wasn’t the motorcycle experience in Thailand which brought us to Vietnam.




It wasn’t the motorcycle experience in Thailand which brought us to Vietnam. Already at home in Austria we thought about crossing this country with a motorcycle. So Thailand just got us more stoked on the idea. And we did it. We rode 1650km from South to the North of Vietnam on a tiny 130cc Detech Win. But it didn’t turn as awesome as we expected it to be.

Usually we don’t care much about the weather. But when you riding a bike 24/7 it definitely is an issue. We spent six weeks in this country and it did rain for five weeks. Pouring rain! So this made the whole experience a real adventure. Knee-deep riding at times and wet “everything” every day made this a real challenge. Also it took out the fun and really put our relationship to the test. I felt colder than in Nepal when riding in the rain through the mountains in the jungle. The wind and dirt were constantly hitting you…

But not everything was bad. There are always the good moments too. Like always this began with the people we met. We saw some awesome places and the our mindset of not giving up put us through this journey. Once again the images speak louder than everything I could write here…

New Zealand

We couldn’t wait to be in New Zealand after having such a hard time in Vietnam. It was a dream of us to travel those two island with a van since a long time. So we spent the first week finding a van and started from there. We had three months and decided to spend roughly one in the North and two months on the South Island. Our whole vibe got a real boost on the first days there. After all that sitting on a motorbike we could finally move our bodies again. Surfing, hiking, yoga and so on. We did everything and combined it with the most delicious selfmade camper van dishes possible. It was just super refreshing after six wet weeks on a rice diet.

But sure, New Zealand isn’t like the backyard of Vietnam and obviously has tons of tourists. We always try our best to avoid the masses and so I was constantly researching and organising activities we can do which are off the beaten path and if not we did them in our own way, mostly than when “normal” people are sleeping. But this also worked out perfectly most of the time. There is so much to see in New Zealand that also in three months it feels that we just scratched the surface.

I will definitely go back there but maybe in a different season. The surf was fun, the mountains pretty impressive and the vanlife was also a great experience. We learned a lot. A lot about ourselves and whats really important for us and our future. Once again the people we met made this trip special for us! Thanks to everyone helping us out all the time!


After seven months on the road we took it easy in Indonesia. We had plans to go to Java, Lombok and so on, but in the end we just enjoyed Bali. First inland and then we went to the north for a free diving course. We were hooked. So hooked that I didn’t even surf a wave in Bali.

Would you have told me that before I just would have had a great laugh! But free diving is special. And it is addictive. It opened another world for us. It’s crazy what the human body can do. I made some 20m dives with one breath on my second day. Easy actually. It’s all in our mind. Yeah, so we spend our time in Bali with yoga, freediving, eating and a little bit of hiking. Sunrise on Bali’s Agun was a great experience. A very spiritual act. But to be honest, we started counting the days at that point… We were happy to go home to Austria again filled with energy and ideas for the future! Who knows where the flow takes us next…

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