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The last eight months have been quite a ride.


Roman Koenigshofer

The last eight months have been quite a ride. In October 2016 we left Austria and made our way to Nepal. We didn’t know how long we going to stay. We just knew that we are not in a rush. If you don’t take your own dreams seriously, who will? This is a short summary of what we were blessed to experience in those months…


I always wanted to see the biggest mountains. We spent about four weeks there and it’s crazy what you undergo in such a short time. The country, the people, the food, the struggle, the cold, the happiness, the distress… but especially all that joy we were able to experience.

The Khumbu. Thats the place where Everest lies. So this is also the place with the famous EBT (Everest Basecamp Trek). But we never wanted to do that because we know it’s packed with people. Instead we went for the 3-pass-trek and also did it reverse so we made sure that this is going to be an adventure. In hindsight this was the right choice. We slept at local families, had days were we saw just about 3 other humans and saw tons of amazing peaks.

It was definitely challenging to put your body over 5000m altitude for the first time (with a 20kg backpack) and later climbing over 6000m (not with that weight ;)). But it was all worth it and we would do it all over again. My photographs do the experience more justice than my words here, have a look:


When curry is one of your favourite dishes you have to visit this place at least once. We hadn’t much plans on what to do in Thailand but were pretty keen on the idea of going more north to check out the mountains there. The area around a city called „Fang“ was our goal…

It was the first time for me riding a proper motorbike. I don’t even have a license for it in Austria. But that’s no problem in Thailand. After signing some papers and handing over the cash we had a bike. The north of Thailand is beautiful. It’s full of hills packed with trees and little roads in between. Traveling on a motorbike makes it so easy and flexible. We started riding those bikes every day in the dark. That’s the “downside” of being a photographer 😉

You start way before sunrise and after sunset, you’ll find yourself somewhere on a peak ready to hike down with your headlamp on. Again we met a ton of nice people here. But the whole experience was way more mellow than Nepal, it really felt like holidays sometimes 😉


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