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Franz Xaver Aicher

Travelling has always played a very important role in my life.


Happy to be born and raised at the foothills of the Bavarian alps in southern Germany.


Magnificent Bavaria! Finally found my way back home, where I live with my wife and now raise my beloved daughter.

Dream Destination?

That’s a hard one! There are so many beautiful places, being unique every single second due to the flow of time and seasons. Having planned a trip to Kamchatka is definitely an occasion I am looking forward to.


Inspirations- all day & every day. People, places and time again. The ongoing symbiosis of these three pillars delivers a constant and always changing flow of inspiration. Allowing myself to think and simply act interdisciplinary, regarding my role as a dad, creative, entrepreneur helps me to transfer my gathered inspirations from field to field. Different perspectives, new approaches- a never ending pleasure.

What means „travelling“ to you?

Travelling has always played a very important role in my life. Being mobile and able to travel is probably one of the most valuable privileges I have and therefore gives me an ultimate feeling of freedom. It helps me to constantly broaden my horizon in geographic, social and cultural terms. Since life changes, travelling turned out to show different faces and perspectives. The fact that I can now share places and moments with the next generation completely changed the game again. A game that motivates me and keeps me running day for day.

Best experience while traveling?

Seriously, there are dozens of magical moments with lovely as wells as unique human beings I have met so far. Apart from the wonderful places I have been on my own.

Plans for the future?

Finding and living my passion in everything I do- detached from time and space.

Your 3 favorite HEIMPLANET products?

My HPT Fistral just fits perfectly on the roof of my truck and is always in my trunk. This keeps me flexible while being on- or offroad, hiking and driving. I just love “The Cave” when needing something more spacious but still having it handy. Beside HPT´s simply brilliant and innovative shelter systems I enjoy using the Monolith 45+L backpack in combination with the DOPP Kit.

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