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David Herzig

Traveling is the only thing that makes you richer!


Darmstadt, Germany


Innsbruck, Austria

Dream Destination?

The world is huge and there are so many places I wanna to discover! However, since starting rock climbing in my teens I’ve dreamt about traveling to Patagonia to see the Fitzroy Group with its massive peaks! I’d also revel at the opportunity to do some splitboarding in Alaska.


All forms of nature inspire not only me but also my work! It influences the way I view the world. Snowy mountains, granite peaks, ocean waves, the midnight sky, I like to capture it all and the wilder the conditions the better! I often prefer taking photos when it´s cloudy or on a stormy winters day when you can really feel the force of nature. It’s in these moments when I am overcome with the humbling feeling of how small man really is.

What means „traveling“ to you?

„Traveling is the only thing that makes you richer!“ In the end, it’s all about the experiences and the people you meet along the way that makes your life richer and not a fancy car in front of your House. For this reason, travel means everything to me and I take every opportunity to do so.

Best experience while traveling?

Although I feel I’ve travelled far and wide, my most cherished travel experience was my year down under. Australia, with its many ecosystems and varied landscapes opened my eyes to the beauty that one country can possess. While there, I very fortunately met a guy who shared some of his own experiences and more importantly travel images with me. The images impressed me so much that I invested in my first dslr camera and my real passion for photography was awakened.

Plans for the future?

For a long time I have dreamt capturing the beauty that is Iceland. This year I’ll spend a 2-months adventure there, I’m already counting down the days!

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