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Sebastian Doerk

Born: Bamberg, Germany
Based: Zurich, Switzerland

Dream Destination: My bucket list is growing everytime I visit Instagram, I’ve got way to many crazy friends who spend their life hovering around the globe. The countries of the former Soviet Union, Mongolia, Alaska … are definitely on top of my list.
South Africa, Iceland, Nepal are some countries i’d gladly visit more than once.

Inspiration: Alan Watts, Hunter S.



What means „traveling“ to you?
Traveling has become an integral part of my life, once you get hooked to wake up in a tiny tent, on a Mountain ridge in some remote place, you’ll never get rid of it for the rest of your life. Seeing new places, collecting memories means more to me than anything you can buy with money.

Best experience while traveling: Traveling implies that you have to get somewhere, that there’s a given goal that you have to reach. My destination is a story and the people who tell it and most of the time that’s the most amazing part of the journey.

Plans for the future: Pack the Land Cruiser and go on a journey around the globe, build a tiny house on top of a mountain or just roam the neighbourhood with my polaroid camera …