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Philipp Mitterlehner

Portrait Philipp Mitterlehner
Born: Steyr. Raised in Mühlviertel, now living near Linz (Upper Austria)

Based: I’m based approx. 1 hour away from the beautiful Salzkammergut region. I can easily grab my canoe and get to a great lake for sunrise or hike a mountain for sunset.

Dream Destination: There isn’t only one dream destination I’m dreaming of. I love northern located countries like Greenland and Canada.

Inspiration: Dramatic mountains inspire me the most and also rough coast lines.  

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/philippmitt/

What means „traveling“ to you? I enjoy packing my photo gear and plan the whole trip with spots I would love to see. It takes a lot of time and effort but I enjoy it everytime. Before every trip I’m excited and curious if my expectations will be met. I’d love to see all spots at once but to really enjoy a country it takes time. To some places I would return several times to fully experience them.
Best experience while traveling: I had my best travelling experience in Patagonia so far. After an exhausting 5 hours hike I finally reached my most desired view: Fitz Roy. I’ve dreamed to see this mountain for so long and I got rewarded with perfect shooting conditions. The hike was really exhausting but every step was worth it. 

Plans for the future: Enhance my skills in videography, improve my recognition value and for sure ticking off more countries on my bucketlist.

Your favorite HPT products: The Fistral. Light weighted and perfect for hiking.