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Hallvard Kolltveit

Born and raised in Oslo, Norway, and I spent my early years on skis in the woods and mountains in the surrounding area. I’ve never been much of a water person and growing up I was almost afraid of going in the dark blue sea. I moved to Hawaii to complete my studies when I was 22, got into photography and surfing, and the rest is, as they say, history. I’ve been around the world ever since and can’t seem to get enough of this beautiful planet we call home.


Based: I’m based in the magical and truly magnificent Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway. The combination of world class surf, beautiful landscapes and awesome, outgoing people makes it the best place in the world to me. I do travel a lot with work, but I really don’t have to – everything I need is right outside my doorstep.


Dream Destination: 

Alaska. I’ve been eyeing that stretch of land for a couple of years now and I would love to go on a boat and explore the coastline with a couple of buddies. I also have to say that both Iceland and Lofoten are still like dream destinations to me, although I’ve spent quite some time in both. The countless fjords and points make for some truly amazing surf and the scenery is second to none.


What means „traveling“ to you?

The act of stepping outside your doorstep. I’ve had some of my finest travelling experiences close to home, so to me it’s all about just getting out there. Do things you’ve never done before, go places you’ve never seen and meet people that may last you a lifetime. It’s about creating memories and good times along the way.


Best experience while traveling:

I’ve had two designated surf trips to Iceland and both have created career changing moments and photos. Last time I was there we found this stretch of land in a remote fjord on Google Maps, drove 7 hours through a blizzard in the middle of the night and woke up to a perfectly sized breaking wave. We know that it has been surfed a lot before, but finding it on our own and scoring it so good was just left us breathless.


Plans for the future:
Summer is around the corner, which means a warm water getaway. There seems to be a lot of small projects coming up in the fall, but we’ve also been working on a mission on the other side of the world with a bunch of buddies for 2 years now. That being said, the Lofoten Islands offer so much in terms of landscapes, hikes and surf, so I try to stay here as much as I can to get all the good swells and weather.



Your 3 favorite HPT products:
Cave, the Monolith Daypack and the snapback.


The Cave has become my go to tent when it comes to weekend getaways as it’s the perfect mix of portability and size.


I didn’t see myself using neither the Monolith Daypack nor any apparel when I got them, but I now take and wear them everywhere I go. Like the kids would say: they’re dope (pretty sure kids don’t say that anymore though).