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Felix Gänsicke

Born: Henstedt-Ulzburg
Based: Rostock/Hamburg


Dream Destination: I really want to see Franz-Joseph Land and explore the coastline for waves and adventures!


Inspiration: I get a lot of inspiration by nature. Textures and details I discover along the way in or outside of water really draw my attention. On the other hand I really like to get to know interesting stories and people and the process of understanding how their world moves and works.


What means „traveling“ to you? I really enjoy traveling on purpose! As I said before I have always been seeking new stories and new minds. Lately on our travels through West-Africa for the documentary „Beyond“ I’ve been reminded of how inspiring and fulfilling a new person in your life can be.


Best experience while traveling: On one recent trip we were trying to discover the surf scenes in the baltic sea area, where there is supposed to be none. We found small communities that shared exactly the same spirit that we have for the ocean and the raw power of the baltic sea. It was really fulfilling when each of the persons we met told us that it somehow changed their view meeting us and that it gave them a big push of motivation and happiness.


Plans for the future: I want to try to keep working on indie film projects and show the world different perspectives.