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Christian McLeod

Born: Butte, Montana

Raised: Sligo, Ireland

Based: New York, NY


Dream Destination: Everywhere


Inspiration: There is nothing that has not inspired me or influenced my work and myself as a person. Everything has some effect on me as a person and as a creative.




What does „traveling“ mean to you?
Traveling to me means connecting with the local people, connecting with people and things you wouldn’t otherwise have connected with. Being aware of where you are in the world, and your effect on it, and it’s effect on you.


Best experience while traveling:
Getting to experience more than an hour of northern lights in Iceland beside massive icebergs on the beach, and another was a kayak surfing expedition, where I sat down for a moment and realised how lucky I am to be living to be able to experience these magical moments.


Plans for the future:
Beginning a project in the middle of April, which will express my thirst for art, creativity and exploration, of both this earth and my mind. Learning from others and the environments around them.