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Afew x Heimplanet: Year of the Orange Koi

For everyone who is not familiar with the symbolism behind the Koi, here is a quick summary: Due to its shiny and glistening appearance, the Koi fish is a symbol of luck, wealth and success. As well as values such as strength, endurance and aspiration are linked to the Koi fish due to its shape and its capability to swim upstream. And these characteristics have inspired the AFEW X HEIMPLANET Capsule Collection.

In time for the annual collaboration in honor of the “Japantag” AFEW will kick off the „Year of the Orange Koi” 2018. This year AFEW and we have  a reunion. After the collaboration in 2016 for the “Future Koi Camo” Capsule Collection, we’ve teamed up again to bring you the “Year of the Orange Koi” Capsule Collection.

The streamline-design of the ELLIPSE backpack is similar to the build of the Koi and its durability supports you during your trips. And the MONOLITH DOPP KIT is the perfect companion. To keep up your stamina we provide a “Orange Koi Camo” drinking bottle by MIZU.

Finally, aspiration must be delivered by the wearer. All products come with the unique “Orange Koi Camo” design and are strictly limited. Stay tuned for more information and follow the Koi through its year.