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Since 2011 we do t-shirts, now in 2016 we finally introduce the innovation we were always looking for.  All HEIMPLANET t-shirts from now on use the COOLEVER Fabric Technology.

The technology is based on a special yarn, that is made from cotton, polyester and spandex. It comes with improved cross sections that absorb moisture much faster and combines it with a fine cotton handfeel.

Quick Absorbing

Within a short time sweat and moisture are absorbed and dried, regulating the amount of moisture on the skin and providing relief for the skin.

The surface area of COOLER yarn is over 30% larger than yarn in regular fabrics, allowing faster evaporation, leaving a fresh feeling. The COOLER technology transforms HEIMPLANET t-shirts into fully functional shirts.

Moisture Management

It prevents wet fiber from raising or lowering the body temperature after intense exercise, and it continually regulates and maintains a comfortable feel.

Easy to care

It dries quickly after washing, making clothes easy to manage. This is maintained semi permanently, even after repeated washings.