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Roman Königshofer

Born: Mürzzuschlag, Austria


Based: Innsbruck, Austria


Dream Destination: It’s too hard to pick just one. I’ve travelled a lot already and would say Morocco for beeing so close and with it’s diversity is probably my top spot. But there are many destinations which are on my list like Nepal, Chile or Canada where I’m sure I could spend a few days 😉


Inspiration: Mother Nature most of the time. But also many other artists out there.




What means „traveling“ to you? Traveling teaches me a lot and is extremely eye opening. It shows me that the people think differently all over the globe but at the same time we all have the same desires and want to live together in peace. I’m super grateful for the opportunities I already had because for many people traveling around is just not possible. I still think traveling it the best school in the world. I love to stay as long as I can at a specific location so I really can immerse myself with the surroundings.


Best experience while traveling: It’s always the same. I’ve been to several really poor countries where the people have almost nothing. But it’s always in those countries that the people do give the most. They share their last piece of bread with you and this is an unbelieveable experience. Making new friendships that way is really fulfilling…


Plans for the future: More traveling, more shooting and to develop my own business further… that’s all I can say until now, but expect good things to happen 😉